Our services:


–  joint-stock company

–  limited liability company

–  natural entity pursuing an economic activity

–  natural entity not pursuing an economic activity

–  company constituted under civil law

–  associations and foundations

– maintaining the accounts (tax register of revenues and expenses, accounting records)
– tax declarations and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) declarations
– annual clearance
– financial reports
– cost management
– buisness plans
– company reorganisation for cost optimization
– support in EU funds and other sources application process

– support in debts and loans application process

– salaries and wages

– trainings and seminars: finance, accounting, management accounting, controlling



– Monday to Friday (from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm)

– other time – as agreed individually


WHERE do we work?

– Warsaw and surroundings

– Mazovian district we serve with plesaure, as well

– as you need we serve all Poland

We are ensuring the reliability, honesty, promptness. We provide security for whole data (triple data archiving system) and confidentiality. We are representing your interest at Tax office, National incurance office (ZUS) and other institutions, banks. We cooperate with lawyer and notary offices.

We use professional financial- accounting software Symfonia (Sage) very well known in Poland and having long experience with polish tax law and accounting. We obtain special protection with insurance policy (professional liability insurance for accounting services at AXA SA). We are holding the license of the Ministry of Finance from 1997 Our long-standing experience in keeping the books of smaller companies, commercial partnerships or companies and finances of the corporation is a guarantee, that of you businesses are well looked after.

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